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Small Batch

Missouri Bourbon Whiskey

Coulter & Payne™ Brand Whiskeys are true Small-Batch, Estate-Grown, Artisan products. From planting, harvesting, and grinding the grain, to malting, mashing, distilling, aging, hand bottling and labeling, each and every bottle is a representation of our farm, our family, our dedication, and our tradition. Our Whiskies are among the most locally sourced and terroir whiskeys available worldwide. Every ingredient comes from our farm, from the grain we grow in our lower field to the water that comes from our natural spring. Our barrels are some of the best in the world, and come from less than 50 miles away using wood from the Ozarks Mountains, just south of us in Missouri.


Made from 100% Non-GMO grains, Coulter & Payne Whiskeys™ are socially responsible, with NO additives like coloring, sugar, or flavors, and handcrafted by our family on our farm. Our grain is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, using traditional sustainable methods, such as cover crops, crop rotation, and best of all, love. All of this is painstakingly done in order to produce the best tasting, socially responsible, most ultra-premium whiskeys in the world.



Flavor profile:


Upon first pour,


Your nose is delightfully tickled with light floral notes, vanilla, as well as a hint of rich oak oak and citrus.


The taste of the first sip brings a smooth transitioning cascade of oak, vanilla, and light citrus, followed by a drawn out soothing warm finish, with hints of oak, citrus, and light floral notes.


The Waiting Game,


Letting this bourbon rest and breathe for five minutes brings about a stronger more sure footed flavor.


The nose transitions into strong rich oak and deep warm vanilla. The flavor that dances upon your tongue is a lighter oak, vanilla, and citrus. But with new more developed floral notes.


A Rocky Start,


An ice cube adds a hint of complexity in flavor and scent. it brings about a clean oak and vanilla hue with


a light floral. The flavor this light icing brings out is mellowed down to a blur of oak, vanilla, and floral notes with slight medicinal finish.




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