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Chris stands in front of Coulter and Payne's 150 gallon Bain Marie style still, named Dolly.

Artisan Still Design

Authorized Retailer

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We love our still. It's a Artisan Still Design 150 gallon, electric Bain Marie, copper column still named Dolly.  With this amazing piece of art, we can run everything from whiskeys and rums, to vodkas, specialty products, and even test batches.  Dolly is  an amazing and versatile piece of equipment, which is why we are so proud to be an authorized retailer of Artisan Still Design Stills.  They truly are the best!

Why will you love Artisan Still Design?


Excellent Customer Service

 As your Sales Rep, not only will we help you purchase your still, we’ll help you design your whole system, can help with installation, provide training, schedule warranty repairs, and generally keep you happy.



 Each Artisan still and distillation system is a piece of art.  They are showpieces that are also highly functional. They are being used as centerpieces for many distilleries around the country.


Minimal Lead Times

 Our lead times are the best in the industry.  Most other still manufacturers have 12-18 month lead times.  Ours is normally a speedy 6 months or less. We also work to get serial numbers out early so you can begin your TTB paperwork prior to delivery.


Custom Designs

 Each system is put together for the individual distillery.  Even a base model is tweaked for the customer, depending on his or her needs and wants. Before an order is placed, each system is designed and sent for approval by the customer.  This way, everyone is sure of what they are getting and that it meets their needs.



 No one can beat our prices, while still offering you peace of mind, quality craftsmanship, beautiful equipment, ongoing support, and functionality.  A distillation system is a major investment and not one to take lightly.  We work very hard to provide systems that you will find to be beautiful, practical, of the highest quality, and worth the investment.

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* Disclaimer: An Artisan Still Design distillation system is not meant for hobbyist or personal use.  Potential customers must either hold a Basic Permit from the TTB or be in the process of gaining such a permit.  It is against federal law to own and operate a still without a license.  Even if you live in the one state that allows distilling for personal use, it is still illegal under federal law!

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